One Way To Manage Time Effectively

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One Way To Manage Time Effectively

Have you ever been working on a project and felt like it wasn’t going to end anytime soon? Or felt there is just not enough time to get things done in your business? It’s tough when all your tasks seem daunting, but there is one way that can help! 

The problem with time management isn’t in having too much or not enough; instead, what we need is a better approach to managing our time so that we always feel empowered and successful. 

In this blog post, I will share my strategy for reducing time overwhelm while still accomplishing everything necessary during each busy period—and trust me: if used correctly, this simple method will leave you feeling effective and successful.

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Its All About Impact

What I have learned over the years is that managing for impact has been the key to success. In my work with my consulting and coaching clients, I realized that most successes come from managing for impact, not time. 

It’s not surprising because we are driven by progress and growth, not just activities as creatures. 

Yes, I realized that what was more important than managing my time was growing my impact.

And guess what? The more impact I had, the more it felt like I was a master of time. Please don’t tell anyone 🙂 .

Often, there are tasks left undone; however, the impact of focus significantly outweighs the downside of any tasks undone.

So, the one way to manage time effectively is to focus on impact, and managing time will almost become irrelevant.


Find your one thing

I always ask myself and my clients, “what is the one thing if I get it done, everything else won’t matter?” I ask this question about my day, week, month and quarter.

I first came across this concept of the one thing from Gary Keller’s book, and you guessed it, “the one thing”.

If you have not read it, grab a copy now, and the concepts will transform your effectiveness.

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The One Thing Meets 90 Days Approach

I have combined this with my concept of running your year in 90 days cycle. So now, rather than worry about time, I focus on impact.

With this approach, you must get clear on your key priority for any period. I know you have a lot to get done; however, get yourself to identify the most important and focus your attention on it.

Once you have done the one thing, you have earned the right to go to the next thing on your list. However, if all you get done is the highest priority item, you have still won the day, week, month, or quarter.

How do you manage your time? Do you feel like you’re always behind and struggling to catch up? Are you trying to do too many things and not seeing the impact you want? If so, it may be time for a change. 

In this blog post, we talked about managing for impact, not time. By getting clear on your one thing and executing in 90day cycles, you can drive more impact without worrying about time. 

So, what’s your one thing? Let me know in the comments below or book a call with me and let’s chat about how I can help get you there.

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