4 Step System To Make Daily Progress On Your Goals

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4 Step System To Make Daily Progress On Your Goals

When you set up a system to achieve daily progress on your goals, you greatly increase your chances of attaining your overall objectives.

Create a streak of daily wins and the score will take care of itself.

In this post, I share a four-step system that you can use to make daily progress on your goals.

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Now let’s talk about the four-step process.

Have A Daily Target

Target goals

In my experience, most people don’t take seriously the advice of having a daily objective.

By setting daily goals, you’re on the right track toward success.

Two critical factors need to be considered when setting your daily goals. The first is the level of activity and the second is the results.

In telesales, for instance, you need to set targets for the number of calls made and the sales made. By doing so, you are addressing both the quantity and the quality of your effort.

When I work with clients, I always tell them to focus on performance and quantity. The right level of ‘quantity effort’ sets up the business for success in the numbers game and provides insight into how to improve the quality of action.

Having a daily target is the first step in the 4 step system for making daily progress on your goal.

Set Aside Time

Blocking time

Set aside time each day to devote to your ‘activity effort’ at the required level. The first benefit of time blocking is that it allows you to have a strong focus on the activities defined in step one.

Another advantage is that you can devote time to executing your activities rather than spending it randomly on your goals every day.

It’s imperative to find a time blocking system that works for you. For example, I usually use a 45/15 system. Once I have worked for 45 minutes, I take a 15-minute break.

You need to decide how much time you will spend on each task per day and how you will divide it.

In the second step of the system, you must set aside time every day to work on your identified activities.

Review Performance

Performance review

The third step in the process is to review your performance at the end of each day. Assess your performance on the quantity axis and the quality of your results.

As I mentioned above, my focus is on getting performance on the quantity axis to 100%. As a result, you will give yourself a chance based on numbers while leveraging feedback on quality in order to improve the execution of the activity.

In the third step, you will review your execution performance from a numbers perspective and improve the quality of your activities to increase your results.

Refine Plan For Next Day

planning goals

Each day, once you have analyzed the results from the day, you should update your plan. Three simple questions will help you determine how to do that.

  • What should we continue to do?
  • What should we stop doing?
  • What should we start doing?

Utilize these three questions to determine both the quantity and quality of your daily efforts toward your goal.

The four steps are straightforward; however, if you follow them consistently, they will change your life for the better.

Go for it!

  • Have a daily target
  • Set Aside time
  • Review your performance
  • Refine your plan

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