It’s the Truth – You Are Self Made 😎


It’s the Truth – You Are Self Made 😎

I recently came across Earl Nightingale’s quote, ” We are all self-made…but only the successful admit it.

What do you think? Are you self-made?

In this blog post, I share my thoughts on the quote. I agree that we are self-made, and more importantly, we can change what we have made so far.

Self made
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Your thoughts shape you.

In a previous blog post, I wrote about our future ambition creates our current reality.

Our dominating thoughts are responsible for a lot of what is happening in our lives.

The thoughts that dominate your mind will determine your feelings and interpretation of your environment from moment to moment.

For example, if you are excited about the possibility from a meeting tomorrow, your actions will be positive and energized.

Conversely, a negative expectation will affect your mood, feelings and acts until the meeting.

Your actions determine your results.

What you do determines your results regardless of how you think or feel.

You can act regardless of your feelings.

However, your actions’ intensity and consistency which are a function of your feelings, are significant factors in the outcome.

Imagine if you are focused on how much you have done on a particular task, you will be encouraged and want to put in more effort. Hence there is an improvement in the quality of your effort.

However, if you were focused on the gap to the finish line, it negatively affects or even stops your actions. Even though you are taking action, the quality would likely drop, affecting the outcome.

So it’s crucial to align your thoughts, feelings and actions because any mismatch will catch up with you.

Therefore it’s essential to be very clear on what you want and focus your attention on it.

This way, your thoughts will create the feelings that support your desired outcome.

go for it
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You made yourself, and you can unmake.

Do you still have any doubt that you are self-made?

Examine your dominating thoughts, and they will mostly match where you are.

The great news is that the current situation is not permanent, and you can create a new you.

The first step is to get clear about where you are and take full ownership of creating it.

Then get a brand new sheet of paper and create the new you. 

Identify the actions and then focus your energy there.

Keep reminding yourself of your destination and continue taking action.

In summary, change it if you don’t like where you are.

Take full ownership of your future and create it.

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