Live Your Life As A Scientist: Lessons, Experiences and Opportunities

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Live Your Life As A Scientist: Lessons, Experiences and Opportunities

I recently received the unfortunate news that a friend and colleague suddenly passed away – she went to sleep and never woke up. As usual, when you hear such news, you are reminded of your mortality and that we are not promised tomorrow. As I reflected, the thought “Life is supposed to be lived like a scientist” was on my mind.

In this blog post, I will share my thoughts on living as a scientist.

The future is full of opportunities

At every moment, we have a past, the present and the future. The present provides us with opportunities to act; however, our actions are heavily influenced by our history and future views. 

If you live your life as a scientist, these three constant moments will work together to allow you to express yourself and experience life. 

Here is how a scientist will approach them.

The Past Offers Your Lessons – Don’t let it imprison you!

For a long time, I have allowed past events, both success and failures, to have a significant impact on my life.

Typically something happens, and then I create a story around what happened, significantly influencing what I do or don’t do.

This approach imprisoned me and made it difficult for me to use the past effectively.

Now taking the scientist’s view, I look at the past as a teacher and take my lessons from it without interpretation. It is a process, and I remind myself the past is gone daily, take the lesson and make progress!

The Present Offers You Experiences – Try things out!

The present is our most potent weapon because it is where we can take action and experience things.

 Like a scientist, the present offers you the opportunity to try out new actions or continue actions that are producing the results you want.

Hence don’t waste the gift. Take action and create new experiences.

Take action in the present

The Future Offers You Opportunity – Stay curious!

The future offers us a chance to start anew, an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and move closer to our dreams.

It is essential to stay curious about the future and not get bogged down by planning too much, as this can again imprison us.

Curiosity will allow us to be open to life’s new possibilities.

In summary, the past is for learning, the present for creating experiences and the future for new opportunities.

What new things do you want to experience? What lessons from the past will you apply to make progress?

Be curious about the future, and don’t let your dreams die.

These are my thoughts on living your life as a scientist.

I hope this has inspired you, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!

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