Use This Football System To Create Momentum and Opportunities

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Use This Football System To Create Momentum and Opportunities

If you are familiar with football, you may have heard of the system of play called ‘High-pressing’. 

It’s effectively a system whereby the high pressing team commits to a high work rate and a design that seeks to retain possession of the ball. 

In this system, each player knows their role and then combines that with a high work rate to achieve their objective of retaining possession of the ball. 

Teams like Manchester City and Liverpool have applied this system successfully to win championships.

In this blog post, I will share how applying the high press concept is a recipe for success in your business.

Take action


The first thing you will notice about a high-pressing team is that there is clarity on their key objective. 

Irrespective of who you are or your position, the primary objective is always to retain possession of the ball. 

And if you watch them, especially when they lose the ball, the urgency to get it back is palpable. Or the dull back-and-forth passing of the ball appears to lack purpose but ensures they keep possession of the ball.

Imagine if you were to apply a ‘high pressing’ system in your business. What would that look like in your business?

First, you would need a primary objective to focus on in the business. 

Secondly, everyone across the organization will need to know what that means for their role.

As a business owner, like a football coach, your job is to ensure the system is clear and everyone understands their role.

Massive Action

The next thing about a high-pressing team is their insane work ethic and urgency. 

They always outrun their opposition in a game. In addition, when the team loses the ball, everyone has a super urgency to retrieve the ball.

What does this mean for a business using the high pressing system?

Yes, you guessed it! 

It’s massive action.

You must create a high sense of urgency and rapid action in your business around your primary objective.

As the leader, your role is to ensure that you have the team operating correctly.

In addition, ensure you have the right team members for the system and constantly support the team through training and coaching.


Finally, two important outcomes of the high press system are


When you watch a high-pressing team, it always seems like they have more players than the opposition. 

They don’t, but the clarity and high work rate create the momentum that feels like they are more than the opposition.

Imagine having the same feeling or perception about your business.

Would it make a difference?


The aim of the game is to score more goals than your opponent.

In a high-pressing system, the pressure creates scoring opportunities or forces the opposition into mistakes leading to scoring opportunities. 

If you take enough focus actions, you will likely generate many opportunities.

In conclusion, implementing the high-pressing system in your business will create strong momentum and lead to growth opportunities for your business.

Even though I wrote this for business owners, you can apply it to your life or work as an executive.

Please share with your colleagues and friends. 

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