Take Control Of Your Destiny Or Someone Else Will


Take Control Of Your Destiny Or Someone Else Will

Everywhere you look, there are harsh and complex conditions across the globe. The war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis across many countries and all these coming after a brutal covid pandemic.

And most commentators are talking about things getting worse!

In the United Kingdom, and I presume the same in many countries, many people are worried about the cost of living crisis, and the media is feeding that fear with more bad news or projection that things will get worse.

In essence, there is a growing narrative of helplessness and the need for the government or someone to do something to save us.


The situation reminded me of an excellent book I read a long time ago titled “Control Your Destiny or Someone else will”.

Before I started writing this blog post,

I got my copy out and have started reading again; however, I wanted to pen something to encourage anyone facing the various challenges coming at us from all corners.

I will share any new insights from the book once I am done reading it.

The advice from this book is perfect for this time in history.

It’s easy to allow all the world’s various difficulties to let someone else take control of our narrative and teleguide us.

There are enough challenging situations to give us a reasonable justification for raising the white flag.

However, the one thing you should do right now is to get into the driver’s seat and Take Control of Your Destiny.

Otherwise, the media and everyone around will teleguide you, handing over control to someone else.


Do you want to get in the driver’s seat? 

Here are five things you can do right now to get in charge 

  1. Get clear on where you are – it’s essential to understand your current situation (this is not where you wish you were). This perspective is required to be able to chart the part forward. Practice radical honesty and define your current situation. 
  2. Define what you want – The next step is clearly articulating what you want from your life. Engage your mind to define with specifics what you want for your life, including career, health etc. 
  3. Create a plan – create the roadmap that will take you to your desired destination. Focus on using active words with specifics. For example, don’t say exercise 3 times a week; instead, go for something like running for 20 mins Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 7 am. 
  4. Execute your plan – Nothing happens until you take action. As soon as you have created your plan, start doing what you wrote down, even if it’s not perfect. Embrace imperfect action.
  5. Reflect regularly – Set aside regular time to reflect on the results you are getting. Significant learning takes place when you reflect on your actions and the results you are getting to understand what is working or not and why. Use your learnings to improve your actions.

If you take only one thing away from this blog post, it should be that you need to get in the driver’s seat of your life and don’t let the media, society or government take responsibility for your destiny.

If you want to learn more about how to generate ideas to move you forward, check out my blog post on creativity.

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